Fischmarkt Restaurant

The specialty restaurant "Fischmarkt" has long been one of the most popular fish restaurants on Rügen. Here we serve freshly caught fish and typical dishes of the island in a maritime ambience. The sun terrace at the beach promenade offers a direct view of the pier and the well-known chalk cliffs.

Authentic cuisine, best quality

Despite the predestined location, the restaurant Fischmarkt offers honest, down to earth cuisine. For ous the products are always the most important, especially the freshly caught fish which comes both locally from the Baltic but sea also from of other seas – always in compliance with our high quality standards.

The chef and his longtime well-coordinated team ensure that you'll only find the best products on your plates promptly. The kitchen philosophy here is as North German as possible – many home-made dishes such as the popular fried herring testify to the culinary art of the kitchen team.

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  • Herring threefold

    Nordic-style herring with apple-onion-sour cream sauce
    and black bread

  • Salmon Tartare

    Smoked salmon tartare on bread slices with salad
    with salad

  • Graved Salmon

    on beetroot filler and Honey-Mustard sauce

  • Appetizer Plate „House Lissek“

    Cold fish-mix with baguette und butter


  • Carrot-Orange-Soup
  • Tomato Soup

    with croûtons and fresh spices

  • Fish Stew „Fischmarkt“

    Light stew made of delicious fish
    and vegetable stripes

  • Bouillabaisse Home Style

    Tomato-fish soup with fresh garlic,
    seafood, shrimps and vegetables


  • Fried or Steamed Salmon

    Sauted pepper / pak choi / thyme potatoes

  • Salmon and Pasta

    Vegetables-Ratatouille / buttered tagliatelle / parmesan cheese


  • Pikeperch Saltimbocca

    Parma ham / sage herbs
    tomato gravy / rosemary potatoes

  • Fried Pikeperch

    Potato crust / Riesling syrup
    dijon-mustard sauce


  • Cod in a Parmesan Layer

    Potato salad / cucumber salad

  • Steamed Cod

    Dijon-mustard sauce / salted potatoes
    cucumber salad

  • Cod „Müllerin Style“

    Lemon juice / king pods / salted potatoes

  • Cod with Blooded Sausage

    savoy cabbage cream / mashed potatoes


  • Plaice „Büsumer Style“

    fried plaice with crabs,
    with hearty fried potatoes

  • Plaice „Müllerin Style“

    Lemon butter / fried parsley
    salted potatoes

  • Plaice „Finkenwerder Style“

    Bacon dices / parsley potatoes

  • All plaice dishes come with a side salad.

  • Shrimps with Pasta

    Buttered tagliatelle / chorizo / ratatouille

  • Shrimps „Mediterranean“

    Pepper / courgette / cak choi
    olive oil / baguette

Our Classics

  • Rügen Fish Plait

    Pikeperch / salmon
    tomato and vegetables / buttered tagliatelle

  • „Skipper-Pan”

    Pikeperch / cod / salmon / traut
    vegetables pan / roasted potatoes

  • „Fischmarkt” Fish Plate

    Cod / pikeperch / salmon / mashed potatoes
    dill / creamy pointed cabbage

  • Fried Herring

    Sweet-sour laid / roasted potatoes

  • Pickled Herring Mix

    Apple-onion-sour cream souce
    roasted potatoes

Fischmarkt Specialties

  • Monkfish

    Orange/pointed cabbage
    mashed horseradish sauce

  • Sole

    Buttered potatoes / Salad
    (on pre-order)

  • Fish Fondue for 2 Persons

    Lake and baltic sea fish fillets
    side salat / dips / baguette

  • Fish Plate „Neptune” for 2 Persons

    fried and steamed filet of Pikeperch / Salmon / Monkfish
    shrimps / sauces / basmati rice / roasted potatoes

  • Pork Fillet

    herb butter / champignons
    saitling / risotto

  • Classic Wien Escallop

    Potato salad / cucumber salad

  • Sea Buckthorn Creme Brûlée

    with chocolate ice cream

  • Red Groats

    Groats berries with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

  • Sweden Ice Cup

    Vanilla ice cream with apple mouse,
    eggnog, chocolate sauce and cream

  • Mixed Ice Cream Cup

    Choose your own three ice ball flavours
    with fresh fruit and cream

  • Chocolate Cake

    Served lukewarm with pear sorbet

  • Hazelnut Dumplings

    With cherry compote

Maritime ambience in the heart of Binz

The Restaurant Fischmarkt offers numerous seats in the maritime dining room as well as outdoor seating on the sun terrace directly on the beach promenade. From here you have an impressively view of the pier and the chalk cliffs.

The typical North German restaurant has a modern design, a blue and white color combination reminiscent of a maritime style inviting to linger.