Binz & Rügen

Binz is one of the most popular German seaside resorts with the most hours of sunshine. Find out here which Rügen sights are waiting to be explored.

Hard to believe that the Baltic resort of Binz was a dreamy, sleepy, small fishing village for centuries, awakened in 1318 and first mentioned in a document under the name Byntze.

The upswing to the most visited seaside resort on Rügen is credited to the Prince of Putbus. He recognized the possibilities offered due to its unique location and was thus the first "development aid worker".

Excursion destinations and sights on Rügen

  • Baumwipfelpfad Binz

    Baumwipfelpfad Binz

    The natural heritage center Rügen offers various discovery points and much more worth knowing around the surrounding countryside as well as the animal world with its treetop path. The well-fortified path leads to heights of about 4m to 17m. The highlight is the 40m high vantage point, which was modeled after an eagle's nest and offers a fantastic view.

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  • Railway & Technology Museum Rügen

    Eisenbahn & Technik Museum Rügen

    Just a few meters away from Prora Station you will find the railway & Technology Museum Rügen. In a huge hall and on an adjoining outdoor area you can explore various exhibits, including: locomotives (especially from the German Reichsbahn), a Soviet steam locomotive P36-123, a tram, various cars (including GDR makes), trucks, fire engines and tractors.

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  • Submarine Adventure World

    Erlebniswelt U-Boot

    In the city port of Sassnitz the submarine adventure world is a real surprise for young and old alike. The Submarine Museum is in the British underwater vehicle H.M.S. Otus, a submarine of the Oberon class. The 90m long vehicle is completely walkable and reveals an exciting insight into the world of submarines.

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  • Island of Hiddensee

    Insel Hiddensee

    The island of Hiddensee is upstream of the island of Rügen to the west. It is about 18km long and one kilometer wide and is a popular nature experience for a beautiful day trip. Explore the island of Hiddensee, the endless sandy beaches, steep cliffs, the up and below the heath, boggy thickets, dikes and the dunes - either with the bike or on foot.

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  • Hunting Lodge Granitz

    Jagdschloss Granitz

    The hunting lodge Granitz lies in the middle of the large forest area of the Granitz, which belongs to the biosphere reserve southeast Rügen. The 38m high tower of the hunting lodge was built after the plans of Karl Friedrich Schinkel. The self-supporting spiral staircase with 154 cast-iron steps is a test of courage for every visitor. But once you have made it, you will be rewarded with a fascinating view in all directions, in good weather even as far as Usedom. It is easy to hike from the seaside resort of Binz to the Granitz hunting lodge.

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  • Kap Arkona

    Kap Arkona

    Kap Arkona is a 45m high, consisting of chalk and boulder clay steep coast in the north of the island of Rügen, located on the peninsula Wittow. The area monument Kap Arkona belongs beside the fishing village Vitt to the municipality Putgarten and is one of the most popular excursion destinations on Rügen. The cape offers an impressive view of the island, both from the land and from the water.

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  • Chalk Coast and Königsstuhl

    Kreideküste und der Königsstuhl

    The chalk coast is the landmark of the island of Rügen. The about eleven kilometers long and up to 116m high east chalk coast of Rügen is located on the peninsula Jasmund. The highest point is the Königsstuhl, which is visited by thousands of visitors every year. Around the famous chalk rock formation are lined with a variety of old legends. The chalk coast runs on the lake side of the peninsula Jasmund, north of Saßnitz towards Lohme and can be reached for example by bike on the Baltic Sea Cycle Route.

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  • Park der Sinne and Lake Schmachter See

    Park der Sinne und Schmachter See

    The public park around the Schmachter See is called Park der Sinne. Seven different play and sensory stations, a water playground, a FitalParc, a themed garden, a maze, rose and fragrance gardens, a lookout tower and a 27m long jetty in the Lake Schmachter make up the park, which in addition is an external part of the International Garden Exhibition (IGA).

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  • Prora and the Documentation Center Prora

    Prora und das Dokumentationszentrum Prora

    Although "Prora" primarily is understood as the 1936 to 1939 built but unfinished seaside resort Rügen, it is actually a district of the municipality Binz. The concrete block was erected to enable up to 20,000 people to holiday at the same time; In 1939, however, at the beginning of World War II, construction stopped. After a long military use during the GDR era, Prora has been renovated and, to a large extent, rebuilt: in the meantime, a hotel, restaurants and luxury apartments have been built here. The Documentation Center Prora is still a witness to the eventful past and offers changing exhibitions.

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  • City port Sassnitz

    Stadthafen Sassnitz

    The most striking building of the port of Sassnitz is the mole, with a length of 1,444 meters. It is the longest outer mole in Europe and invites to a walk to the lighthouse. The hustle and bustle of the fishermen, the tourists and the ferry and cruise traffic make a delightful attraction for many visitors.

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